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Enamel, Brooch, Necklace, Pearls, Birds, Swallows, vintage

So hopefully you are here because you like what we do! Thank you ♡

We love what we make for the markets and the Etsy shop but we especially love creating bespoke pieces. We love getting commisions from customers looking for something a bit more suited to them.

Our bespoke service offers you the opportunity to turn your own perhaps outdated but sentimental items into an original piece of jewellery often encluding some of the fantastic things we have collected over the years (...just! Est. 2013).

We also have a wide variety of pieces to make bespoke jewellery from scratch or embellish your own collection if necessary. We often seek vintage bits and pieces to fit with themes given.

We will work with you to create a piece which is not only unique and suits your style but one that is very personal too.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any ideas.

bespoke, jewellery, upcycled, pearls, reconstructed, recycled, handmade, craft

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